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Install from One-Click Script

Our One-Click script comes with several options. Here are two commmon usages.

  • Install OpenLiteSpeed, LSPHP, MariaDB, WordPress, and LiteSpeed Cache plugin:
    bash <( curl -k ) -w
  • Install OpenLiteSpeed and LSPHP only:
    bash <( curl -k )

See below for additional options and usage examples.


Usage: ./ [option] [option] …

-A--adminpassword [PASSWORD]To set the WebAdmin password for OpenLiteSpeed instead of using a random one.
-E--email [EMAIL]To set the administrator email.
 --lsphp [VERSION]To set the LSPHP version, such as 80. We currently support versions ‘56 70 71 72 73 74 80’.
 --mariadbver [VERSION]To set MariaDB version, such as 10.5. We currently support versions ‘10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5’.
-W--wordpressTo install WordPress. You will still need to complete the WordPress setup by browser
 --wordpressplus [SITEDOMAIN]To install, setup, and configure WordPress, also LSCache will be enabled
 --wordpresspath [WP_PATH]To specify a location for the new WordPress installation or use for an existing WordPress.
-R--dbrootpassword [PASSWORD]To set the database root password instead of using a random one.
 --dbname [DATABASENAME]To set the database name to be used by WordPress.
 --dbuser [DBUSERNAME]To set the WordPress username in the database.
 --dbpassword [PASSWORD]To set the WordPress table password in MySQL instead of using a random one.
 --listenport [PORT]To set the HTTP server listener port, default is 80.
 --ssllistenport [PORT]To set the HTTPS server listener port, default is 443.
 --wpuser [WP_USER]To set the WordPress admin user for WordPress dashboard login. Default value is wpuser.
 --wppassword [PASSWORD]To set the WordPress admin user password for WordPress dashboard login.
 --wplang [WP_LANGUAGE]To set the WordPress language. Default value is “en_US” for English.
 --sitetitle [WP_TITLE]To set the WordPress site title. Default value is mySite.
-U--uninstallTo uninstall OpenLiteSpeed and remove installation directory.
-P--purgeallTo uninstall OpenLiteSpeed, remove installation directory, and purge all data in MySQL.
-Q--quietTo use quiet mode, won’t prompt to input anything.
-V--versionTo display the script version information.
-v--verboseTo display more messages during the installation.
 --updateTo update ols1clk from github.
-H--helpTo display help messages.


./ols1clk.shTo install OpenLiteSpeed with a random WebAdmin password.
./ --lsphp 80To install OpenLiteSpeed with lsphp80.
./ -A 123456 -e a@cc.comTo install OpenLiteSpeed with WebAdmin password “123456” and email
./ -R 123456 -WTo install OpenLiteSpeed with WordPress and MySQL root password “123456”.
./ --wordpressplus a.comTo install OpenLiteSpeed with a fully configured WordPress installation at “”.