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Install OpenLiteSpeed and PHP from LiteSpeed Repository

Table of contents
  1. Install the LiteSpeed Repository
  2. Install OpenLiteSpeed
  3. Install LSPHP
  4. Access the WebAdmin Console

Install the LiteSpeed Repository

sudo wget -O - | sudo bash

Install OpenLiteSpeed

  • Debian/Ubuntu
    sudo apt-get -y install openlitespeed
  • CentOS
    sudo yum install openlitespeed

Install LSPHP

This command will install lsphp80 and lsphp80-mysql into /usr/local/lsws/lsphp80/bin/lsphp:

  • Debian/Ubuntu
    sudo apt-get install lsphp80 lsphp80-common lsphp80-mysql
  • CentOS
    sudo yum install lsphp80 lsphp80-common lsphp80-mysqlnd

To get a list of the LSPHP packages and extensions available, you can run the following:

  • Debian/Ubuntu
    sudo apt-cache search lsphp
  • CentOS
    sudo yum search lsphp

Access the WebAdmin Console

Run the following command to set the WebAdmin password if needed:

sudo /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/

To access the WebAdmin console, visit port 7080 of your domain (for example, and log in using the password you just set.

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